Get Paid Cash For Damaged Cars

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Get Paid Cash For Damaged Cars

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What Is A Damaged Car?

A damaged car can be anything from hail damage, severe panel damage, smashed, engine not working, burnt out. Usually these vehicles have been assessed by an Insurance Assessor and vehicle owners would be referred to a Salvage specialist like us.

Can I Still Get Paid Cash For Damaged Cars?

How to get paid cash for damaged cars? Our Online Salvage Service provided by Automotive Solutions Australia would like to offer cash for damaged cars, the NSW Government has put an end to this without proper documentation, you can read more HERE.

There are still people who do these transactions in paying cash for cars without proper documentation, this is not a safe practice.

What Is The Best Alternative To Pay Cash For Damaged Cars?

We offer an alternative method with direct deposit instant payment into bank accounts which replaces the old method of Get Paid Cash For Cars. This ensures the seller and the buyer both have legitimate documentation of the transaction.

Direct deposit is the safest way to do transactions when it comes to paying for cars via bank deposit EFT Electronic Funds Transfer.

You can find out more about getting paid for damaged cars with our online form here.

Why Stop Paying Cash For Damaged Cars?

There are a few reasons why there has been a stop in paying cash for cars,

  • Limits theft
  • All transactions must be recorded for security
  • EFT or cheque payments can now be traced for evidence
  • This will help eliminate undocumented cash for car sales

More details can be found here from Legislation NSW Government: Scrap Metal Industry Act 2016 No 42