How To Sell Hail Damaged Cars Vehicles In Canberra ACT

Sell your hail damaged cars and vehicles in Canberra ACT.

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How To Sell Hail Damaged Cars Vehicles In Canberra ACT

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Looking for how sell your hail damaged cars vehicles in Canberra ACT? Selling your hail damaged cars and other vehicles in Canberra ACT can be easy with Automotive Solutions Australia.

We buy all makes and models of hail damaged vehicles example cars, trucks, motorcycles, caravans, machinery, buses and earth moving equipment.

Mother nature can be nasty and when a hail storm has damaged your vehicle which can leave you without transport. Whether it is an insurance matter, uninsured or denied claim, Stat Write Off, Repairable Write Off or WOVR exempt, Automotive Solutions can offer a competitive price

Sell Hail Damaged Cars Vehicles Canberra ACT

What Is A Statutory Write Off And Repairable Write Off?

A Repairable Write Off is where the Insurance agency will offer to have your vehicle repaired.

A Statutory Write Off is where the Insurance Agency will make a payout to you to of what the vehicle is worth from market value, or the agreed value.

You may be offered a cash settlement from the Insurer thus leaving you driving around in a hail damaged vehicle, which does not feel or look good.

Hail Damaged Written Off Cars Vehicle Canberra ACT

What Cars Are Considered Write Off?

  • Written Off Vehicle Registration, WOVR
  • Badly Damaged
  • Hail Damaged
  • Uneconomical to repair
  • Structural damage to the car
  • Repairable write off
  • Statutory write off
  • Total loss
Sell Hail Damaged Cars Vehicles In Canberra ACT

How To Sell Hail Damaged Vehicles?

We specialise in purchasing vehicles in Canberra ACT with hail damage. We offer a convenient way for you to sell your hail damaged car or other vehicle. We have an online form asking you to complete a few details about your vehicle such as Year, Make, Model and a few other questions which helps us to understand your sale request.

We Buy Hail Damaged Vehicles

We offer a fast and efficient service with the convenience of being able to go online and get an upfront price within a few hours and free pickup service

Once we receive your sale request, we will carefully analyze the vehicle details and get back to you with reasonable offer.